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The development and application of diamond tool manufacturing method2016/6/20

1, diamond cutting tool application scope

(1) processing of non ferrous materials

When processing copper, zinc, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys, the material is easy to adhere to the cutting tool, and the processing is difficult. The diamond cutting tool can effectively prevent metal and tool from sticking to the cutting tool with low friction coefficient and small nonferrous metal affinity. In addition, because of the large elastic modulus of the diamond, the cutting edge deformation is small, the cutting of the nonferrous metal extrusion deformation is small, the cutting process can be completed under small deformation, which can improve the surface quality of the machined surface.

(2) processing of non - metallic materials

Processing contains a large number of high hardness particle difficult processing non-metallic materials, such as glass fiber reinforced plastic, fill in the silicon material, hard carbon fiber / epoxy resin composite material, hard material so that the tool wear serious, hard alloy cutter to process, and the diamond tool hardness high, good abrasion resistance, so processing efficiency.

(3) ultra precision machining

With the advent of modern integrated technology, machining to the high accuracy of the direction of the development of the performance of the cutter has been a very high demand. Due to the diamond friction coefficient and thermal expansion coefficient is low and high thermal conductivity, can cut thin chip, chip easily outflow and affinity with other substances, is not easy to generate a built-up edge, low calorific value, high thermal conductivity can avoid the influence of heat on the knife edge and the work, because the blade is not easy to be passivated, cutting deformation is small, it is possible to obtain a high quality surface.

2, diamond cutting tool manufacturing method

At present, the main processing methods of diamond are the following four kinds: film coating tool, thick film diamond welding tool, diamond sintered tool and single crystal diamond cutter.

2.1 film coated tool

Film coated tool is a tool which is made of diamond film deposited by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on the rigid and high temperature properties of the collective material.

The thermal expansion system of Si3N4 series ceramic, WC-Co series hard alloy and metal W is close to diamond, and the thermal stress of film is small, so it can be used as the base material of tool body. In WC-Co system hard alloy, the existence of the bond phase Co is easy to make the diamond film and the matrix form graphite and reduce the adhesion strength, before deposition, the pretreatment to eliminate the influence of Co (usually by acid corrosion to Co).

Chemical gas phase deposition method is the method containing the C source gas activation, under very low gas pressure, carbon atoms down in the regional deposition of carbon atoms in the cohesion, deposition process in the formation of diamond phase. At present, the CVD method used to deposit diamond mainly includes: microwave, hot filament, DC arc jet method, etc..