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Types and characteristics of diamond saw blades2016/6/20

More and more industries in the production process using the diamond saw blade, with the integration of industry segments, the types of diamond saw blade more detailed.

Manufacturing process classification:

1, sintering diamond saw blade: two kinds of cold pressing sintering and hot pressing sintering, pressing and sintering.

2, the welding of diamond saw blade, divided into high frequency welding and laser welding, high frequency welding through high temperature melting medium the cutter head and the base body are welded together, the laser welding by high temperature laser beam will knife head and substrate contact edge melting metallurgical binding.

3, electroplating diamond saw blade: the knife head powder is attached to the substrate by electroplating method.

Two. Appearance classification:

1, the edge of the saw: continuous sawtooth diamond saw blade, by method of sintering production, the commonly used bronze bonded as basic matrix material, cutting must be water to ensure the cutting effect, and useful laser cutter head of the cutting gap.

2, the knife blade type: tooth broken, cutting speed, suitable for dry and wet two kinds of cutting method.

3, Turbo Blade: a combination of front 1, 2 two advantages, sawtooth sequentially presented turbo like uniform convex concave, increasing the cutting speed, increase the service life.

Different materials choose different kinds of diamond saw blades, different powder formula suitable for different material characteristics, the quality of the materials, the effect, the pass rate and even the cost and effectiveness of direct impact. Diamond saw blades affected the efficiency and life factors saw cutting process parameters and the diamond particle size, concentration and bond hardness. According to the number of blades can cut line speed and cutting feed speed and concentration.