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Process for producing resin bond diamond grinding wheel2016/6/20

The resin bond diamond grinding wheel is made of resin powder, which is made by the process of hot pressing, hardening and machining, and has a certain shape. Because the grinding wheel has the advantages of good elasticity, impact resistance, good self sharpening, high grinding efficiency, the grinding wheel is widely used in the mechanical processing industry. In the current production of various types of bond diamond grinding wheel, resin bond grinding wheel accounted for the largest proportion. Abroad, 90% ~ 80% of the hard alloy workpiece is processed with this kind of grinding wheel, he is gradually replacing silicon carbide grinding wheel. The variety and production of domestic resin diamond grinding wheel are increasing year by year, the quality is increasing, and the application is more and more extensive.

Raw material of resin bond diamond grinding wheel

1 abrasive

Diamond abrasives made of resin bond diamond grinding wheel mainly have two kinds:

(1) RVD diamond

This kind of diamond surface is rough, which is irregular needle like or flake, its strength is not high, but the self sharpening is good.

(2) diamond coated with metal

RVD diamond surface titanium, nickel or copper or titanium.

2 bond

Currently used resin binders are mainly phenolic resin, polyimide resin and 11-10 Black Bakelite powder and other newly developed varieties.

(1) phenolic resin

He is a white or light yellow translucent solid powder, easy to absorb moisture in the air and agglomeration, the proportion of 1.25, can dissolve in alcohol and acetone. Without adding Urotropine before is a thermoplastic resin; adding Urotropine, heated to 170 DEG to 180 DEG C can become a thermosetting resin, about 236 DEG C begins to decompose, 300 degrees and carbonization. The flexural strength is 85 ~ 105MPa, the compressive strength of 70 ~ 21MPa, Mohs hardness of 124 ~ 128, the linear expansion coefficient of 2.5 ~ 6 * 10. Acid and alkali has certain influence on it. The technical conditions of phenolic resin powder used in the manufacture of diamond grinding wheel are shown in table 10-12.