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The value of diamond cutting in cutting2016/6/20

The oxidation of metal powder in the natural environment is an important factor to the quality of diamond cutter head. Although now used metal powder reduction process, but are usually before mixture of metallic powder by reduction. After reduction of powder also after mixing, cold pressing, moulding, hot pressing and other follow-up processes, due to the large surface area of the powder, powder in the follow-up process exist secondary oxidation, in the hot and humid areas, caused by secondary oxidation of the consequences is particularly evident.

We can think of: in front of the hot pressing process of reduction is the reduction of the most thorough, and very necessary; hot pressing sintering of powder pre alloying degree, the higher the better, is also very necessary.

In order to solve the above two problems, we used the cold pressing tool head high temperature reduction process.

After high temperature reduction of the knife head, the performance is quite stable. For more than 5 months to do sampling sawing tracking test, each batch of the same ingredients of the performance of the blade is very stable, almost no difference.

In the cutting test, we can see the obvious difference. This is because in the various factors have been ruled out, the formula for a small amount of adjustment, saw blade performance will reflect the corresponding changes.

We have done a comparative cutting test, cutting the cutting edge of the cutting process after the reduction of the head compared to the head after the reduction process is not done, whether it is a sharp degree or a significant increase in life expectancy. Contrast test increased by 30% and 55%. The comparison test results are: (cutter head specifications 40x3.2x8, saw blade diameter 350 mm, spindle speed 2850 RPM / min)

During the manufacture of diamond sintering tool, it is most concerned with the oxidation of metal powders. The same formula of the knife head, the phenomenon of unstable quality, powder oxidation is the main reason. The reduction process of the cold pressing head is adopted to eliminate the influence factors of the natural environment, so that the metal powder can be reduced completely, and the effect of the pre alloy is also produced.

The wide application of the reduction process after high temperature will greatly improve the quality of the metal bond diamond products in our country.