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Note on the use of diamond cutting2016/6/20

1, the correct choice of cutting machine

To pay special attention to the power of the cutting machine, speed, rigidity, precision, etc..

Ouside 150 the following diamond saw blade should be in 1 ~ 1.5KW, speed 7255 to 14500r.p.m can speed cutting machine, ouside 150 ~ 230 saw blade should be in 1.5 ~ 3KW, speed of 4000 ~ 11000r.p.m can speed cutting machine; diameter stone blades should be 15HP (electric) above, the line speed of 20 ~ 60m / s can be cutting speed machine, diameter of CSB engineering should 30HP (electric) or 55HP (gasoline or diesel powered) above, the line speed 35 ~ 70m / s speed cutting machine; large diameter blade cutting machine power with the saw blade diameter and number, such as domestic general ouside 16 monolithic sawing machine power 37 ~ 45KW, speed 270 ~ 360r.p.m.

2, the correct installation

Diamond saw blade is installed correctly or not, and whether the installation precision is has a close relationship with the saw blade cutting efficiency and cutting quality and service life. After installation to ensure that the saw blade in the cutting process running smoothly, without vibration (due to the quality of the saw blade and cutting machine, etc.).

When installing the saw blade, first of all to ensure that indicated on the blade sharpening direction and cutting machine spindle rotation in the same direction; to the saw blade mounting holes, cutting machine main shaft, flange contact surface cleaning net, it is necessary to ensure that they contact between smooth, good; flange diameter has to be sized with saw blade diameter of rational choice. Flange plate is too small, the use of the saw blade end offset, the flange is too large to increase the main spindle, will increase the beating, while reducing the processing depth of the material.

After installation, the saw blade and flange must be in the specified value to be used.

3, reasonable choice of cutting parameters

A, coolant

The use of coolant has two aspects: first, the role of cooling. Because the cutting in the process of circular saw blades and stone between friction and impact, generated on the surface of a large amount of heat in the cutting, and the heat dissipation of the stone and poor, make the most of the heat absorbed by the saw blade, especially the diamond cutter head, is the first to bear the brunt, so easily cause diamond graphitization, the cutter head is easy to burn and easy to fall off. At the same time, it is easy to produce thermal deformation and crack at the root of nozzle. The use of a large number of coolant continuously from the blade before and after the two sides evenly sprayed on the incision, will play a very good role in cooling and protecting the saw blade. When the coolant to a certain amount of pressure (generally require more than 0.1MPa hydraulic pressure) to the incision, will take away a large number of material chip, which is to reduce the wear and tear of the two diamond tool head and the substrate is very good. In addition, if you use the cooling liquid emulsion, emulsifier hydrophilic lipophilic properties can make the blade surface and the rock surface adhesion layer lubrication oil film, can reduce cutting when the friction coefficient, thereby reducing the cutting resistance, reducing vibration. Chengdu diamond saw blade wholesale

Coolant is generally with cooling water, can also be in the cooling water and amount of anti rust agent and using emulsion (saponified soluble oil, Swire oil hydrophilic lipophilic emulsifier).