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Notes on the operation of diamond grinder2016/6/20

Diamond grinder is a modern industry often applied to a class of hardware machinery products, general diamond grinder operation need to have professional training, therefore in operation using diamond grinder process must be more careful attention to, usually people in operation for diamond grinder process often appear in the following several major problems, so in this small series for you were summarized as follows, hope can help more people know how to operate a diamond abrasive wheel and in the operating process of the diamond abrasive wheel for the need to pay attention to what matters.

1, side grinding:

In daily use of grinder, as well as the need for classification of grinder, but daily use many operators regardless of types of grinder, free to use the side of the grinding wheel for grinding, which is a serious violation of the rules for safe operation of the illegal operation behavior. According to the rules, with the circumferential surface of the working surface of the grinding wheel should not be used for grinding side, the grinding wheel radial strength larger, axial intensity is very small, operator excessive force will cause the wheel broken, even hurt people, in the actual use of the process should be banned, this kind of behavior.

2, positive operation:

In daily use, many operators used is in front of the grinding wheel to operate. The reason is that the direction can be used with gusto, in fact, this kind of behavior is grinder operation should be specifically prohibited behavior. According to the operating rules, using a grinder grinding workpiece, the operator should stand on the side of the diamond grinding wheel, operation is not allowed on the front wheel, in order to avoid wheel failure, wheel fly wheel or broken flying out to hurt people.

3, hard operation:

In the use of grinder, some operators, especially the young operator, for the sake of the grinding speed, force too much too fast, this is a very unsafe behavior. Any wheel body has a certain strength, it probably will cause the wheel broken, even flying out to hurt people, is also a kind of to be prohibited.

In a word, the grinding wheel operators need to have a certain level of professional, if you've got the wheels, then Xiaobian suggest you or to find the best professional staff to operate it, and you can also according to the above methods to carry on the inspection operation oh!